The Group

Infosat S.r.l. was founded in October 1994 by a group of professionals with significant previous entrepreneurial experiences. One of the aims of the company is to address and manage, in an integrated and innovative way, all issues related to Infomobility and location based services by providing services and advice to companies and Public Administrations. Infosats Srl provides location based services for security and remote monitoring of persons and vehicles. S.p.A. Infomobility, headquartered in Teramo and with branch office in Cosenza, is a company that manufactures products and provides services about Infomobility. The company has begun as an innovative startup on 23rd January 2014, by transfer of the "Telematic Boxes" branch of Infosat Srl in a newco Telematic Box Srl which subsequently changed its name to SpA. The core business of the Company is the monitoring of vehicles with security and safety purposes. The on-board devices ('black boxes') with their specialized firmware are able to send to an operations centre data about the vehicle they are installed in, in order to detect and analyse real crashes. This allows Insurance Companies to avoid frauds, evaluate customers' driving style and create pay-per-use and pay-as-you-drive policies. The new startup, as a result of the capital increase, has been given all the technology assets to carry on the "Telematic Boxes" project.